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3D PRINTER Topmaker 1.5.7 Main Control Board

Working voltage: DC12V~24V
If you use the 12864LCD module, you can print in a single machine, making the 3D printer more portable.
The main control MCU: ARGUINO's ATMEGA 1280/2560R3 MCU and the same machine board with 16U2 interface conversion chip onboard.
USB interface: can be connected to the computer through the USB interface, realize data exchange, download program, etc.
Supports 5 A4988 stepper motor drives.
Controlled heated bed
Power supply switch
Three sets of 55 ampere MOSFET driver interfaces with LED indications to support dual print mode.
A fan power supply for cooling the board.
Three thermocouple inputs or thermistor inputs, 100K thermistors are recommended.
You can set the spacing of each step of the stepper motor.
Size: 190x87.4x29.6mm
Weight: 124g

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