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Starmen 3D Printing Service

STARMEN FDM PLA 1.75mm 600g

PLA material printing filament:
1 wire diameter specification: 1.75mm
2 PLA is made of corn starch resin. It is refined from corn grain. It can be decomposed without affecting the environment.
3. Packaging: Vacuum packaging
4. Net weight: 600g
5. Support various models (FDM) 3D printers.
6. PLA texture is hard and has high strength and hardness.
7. The surface is bright. The printed matter has a high smoothness.
8. Printed and processed without odor.
9. PLA material is not curled when printed.
10. Working temperature 200~250 degrees
11. A variety of colors to choose from.

FDM 1143576