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3D Pen

Product specifications:
3D pen net weight: 80 grams
Discharge method: light curing stacking
Graffiti range: no limit
Forming method: three-dimensional molding
Discharge speed: adjustable in five steps
Operating temperature: 0~35°C
Working voltage: 3.7V ± 0.5V
Nozzle inner diameter: 0.6 ± 0.1mm
Charging voltage: 5V
3D pen color: white, blue, pink

Protective function:
Because this product has two glare LEDs in the pen part, in order to avoid the damage of strong light to the eyes, the ink discharge and light function will be automatically turned off when the pen is close to the level during the operation.
(Applicable to children and adults aged 8 and over, children need to be under the supervision of an adult!)

Bar_Code:   4712847203174 (Blue)
Bar_Code:   4712847203181    (Pink)
Bar_Code:    4712847203198    (White)

3D Pen 1143584