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SLA 600 3D Printer

The Starmen SLA 6050 is based on SLA (Stereolithography Equipment) technology with a diode solid state laser for 3D printing. The laser is irradiated onto the photocurable resin which is converted into a hardened slice layer. The model is immersed in the resin, and then the next layer of the laser is irradiated to form a complete model by gradual stacking.  SLA is now widely used in industrial and design fields. Compared to FDM technology, SLA technology can achieve high quality of the model surfaces. The Starmen SLA3025 is suitable for most applications. The main tank has a capacity of 160L and a temperature-controlled adjustment system. The temperature of the resin can be raised through the temperature control panel to ensure that the resin is polymerized at the optimum temperature. A solid laser is used with the SLA, and the output is a 355 nm ultraviolet pulsed laser. SLA 1144470