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STARMEN I-NCR300 3D Printer

Printer Size:(W)515*(L)572*(H)846.5 mm
Machine material:Aluminum alloy
T-shaped rod drive and roller to increase equipment stability
Print Size:(W)300*(L)300*(H)400 mm
Print Speed:Standard60mm/s;Max 180mm/s
Machine weight:20kg
Gross weight:22kg
Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm 
Layer height:0.1~0.4mm 
Nozzle Temperature:170 ℃ ~255℃
Feeding method : Near Rui feeding
Plastic material:HIPS 、PLA
Power:AC100V~230V  50/60HZ 450W
Dc support : DC 12V/5V及5V USB
Connectivity:SD Card
Software : Starmenware 
FDMI-NCR300  3D Printer Bar_Code : 4712847203174

FDM 1237213