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STARMEN FACE 30 3D Printer

Machine development and design in Taiwan
Appearance size: 455X490XH490mm 15kg
Shipping package size: 580 mm X 580 mm X 580mm
Printing range: 200mm x 200mm x H 300mm
Print layer thickness: 0.1~0.3mm (adjustable)
Printing speed: 10~200mm / s
X-Y axis resolution: 0.01mm~0.02mm
Z-axis resolution: 0.01mm~0.03mm
Printing platform working temperature: 60~115 degrees Celsius
Transmission interface: USB, support SD card, LCD display screen,
Stand-alone operation
Applicable materials: PLA
File format: STL OBJ
Power input: 100V~240V 60 / 50HZ
DC output: 12V3A 5V2A 5V2A
Slice software: Simplify3D software
Operating system: WIN 7 / WIN 8 / WIN10

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